Dr. Who style Blackadder considered

This little snippet of info surfaced in a recent interview with Rowan Atkinson on the BBC website. Asked why there had never been a Blackadder feature film, Atkinson said it was “surprisingly tricky” to expand the sitcom format to an hour and a half. He doesn’t see a movie version ever happening. “We’ve all just […]

Blackadder cast reunite for Dickensian BBC Comedy

Filming has started on BBC Two’s new comedy The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff which will feature Stephen Fry and Tim McInnerny. Beginning with a one-hour Christmas special followed by three 30-minute episodes shown in early 2012, Stephen will portray evil lawyer Malifax Skulkingworm. Other fine British comic actors appearing in the series include Robert […]

Blackadder Remastered on iTunes

If you don’t own a DVD player and you have one of those new-fangled iPoddy thingies, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy Blackadder Remastered on iTunes for the princely sum of £19.99 (I’m not sure how much it costs in foreign money). It contains all the episodes from all four series […]

Blackadder Soundboard for iPod/iPhone

Got an iPod Touch or iPhone? Want to listen to classic Blackadder phrases and quotes? Then you need the ‘OFFICIAL’ Blackadder Soundboard app! According to the blurb on iTunes, the app features the best quotes from Blackadder, Baldrick and all your favourite characters. Also includes images taken directly from the show, allowing you to see […]

Blackadder Remastered – The Ultimate Edition

It has been quite a while since I last updated Blackadder Hall; to be honest, there has been hardly anything of great worth to write about so the site has been ticking along on its own for the past couple of years. However, time has come for me to do a little bit of updating […]

A Blackadder Homage in Song

This just in from Blackadder fan Tarjei.. “This is just a link to a song I made, originally in 94, but I recorded it a couple of months ago, and made this (rather silly) slideshow in order to put it on youtube. Anyway, spot the quotes! Almost all the lyrics are snippets from blackadder 4, […]

Blackadder meets Shakespeare – NOT Blackadder

Hot news just in. I emailed writer Richard Curtis regarding the charity sketch that has for a long time been considered a ‘Blackadder’ special. Well, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, I can confirm that this is NOT a Blackadder sketch. Rowan is simply playing an un-named character and not a member […]

Blackadder Goes Forth to the West End

A week in the life of Rowan Atkinson. On Christmas Day, he and his wife Sunetra slipped quietly into a school in Kennington, south London, to bring some cheer to 2,000 troubled children brought together by the charity Kids Company. The comedian’s eyes welled up with tears, said one witness. That night, Atkinson was interviewed […]

Never seen Blackadder footage and Pilot episide snippets to be broadcast

Hot news just in Blackadder fans; the forthcoming TV documentary Blackadder Rides Again (Christmas Day BBC1 10:30-11:35) will feature some never-before-seen footage…. Here’s what you can expect.. A small sequence from the Pilot Episode that has never been broadcast on TV One or two deleted or extended scenes from Series 1 Some “clean” footage from […]

Blackadder Rides Again broadcast on Christmas Day

ust found out that Blackadder Rides Again will be broadcast on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 10:30pm. Oh, and just found out that I’m going to be in it… I’ve only got a small part but it still requires me to sign a release form. Consider me excited!

Blackadder Rides Again for Christmas

As mentioned by me some time ago, Blackadder will be making a return to BBC1 this Christmas, albeit in a documentary celebrating 25 years. The programme will be called “Blackadder Rides Again” – a title which will no doubt confuse viewers; leading them to think that its an actual one-off sitcom special and not a […]

Rowan Atkinson to revisit Blackadder

Thanks to long-standing, much respected Blackadder Hall visitor, nay part-of-the-furniture, John D. for spotting this gem. Rowan Atkinson has granted his first in-depth interview about his iconic Blackadder role in Tiger Aspect’s second documentary on the classic BBC sitcom. Atkinson will describe his personal experience of his involvement in the sitcom and its phenomenal success […]