Blackadder Rides Again for Christmas

As mentioned by me some time ago, Blackadder will be making a return to BBC1 this Christmas, albeit in a documentary celebrating 25 years. The programme will be called “Blackadder Rides Again” – a title which will no doubt confuse viewers; leading them to think that its an actual one-off sitcom special and not a […]

Rowan Atkinson to revisit Blackadder

Thanks to long-standing, much respected Blackadder Hall visitor, nay part-of-the-furniture, John D. for spotting this gem. Rowan Atkinson has granted his first in-depth interview about his iconic Blackadder role in Tiger Aspect’s second documentary on the classic BBC sitcom. Atkinson will describe his personal experience of his involvement in the sitcom and its phenomenal success […]

Stephen Fry reunited with Breasts

The lovely Stephen Fry is currently filming in Africa filming a documentary series called “Last Chance to See”. And thanks to Stephen’s love of all things technology, especially Apple products (just like me), he’s been keeping the world up to date with his very exciting life via the medium of Twitter ( Now, being a […]

Original Black Adder title revealed

At the recent Blackadder talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, writer Richard Curtis revealed the original title for The Black Adder. (cue drum rolls) The historical sitcom was originally called…. (gosh I bet you’re excited now) King Edmund and His Two Friends (cue silence and tumble weed) Not that exciting really is it? But I’m […]

BBC to Broadcast 25th Anniversary Special

A couple of weeks a go I was lucky enough to attend the recent Blackadder talk at the Cheltenham Literary Festival with Richard Curtis, Tony Robinson and John Lloyd in attendance. I’ll be doing a full write-up of the event soon, but thought I’d let you all know that Tiger Aspect were recording the event […]

A trip to Mrs. Miggins’ Pie Shop

Source: EADT A SPECIAL TV documentary this week celebrates a 1980s comedy classic: Blackadder. Steven Russell hatched a cunning plan and paid a nostalgic visit to Mrs Miggins’s pie shop with actress Helen Atkinson Wood. SOMEWHERE in Essex (we won’t blow his cover) is a real Laughing Policeman – an officer obsessed with the comedy […]

Blackadder was lined up to be Sixties entrepreneur

He has blundered his way through four different centuries and Edmund Blackadder’s fifth outing could have seen him return as a 1960s entrepreneur, writer Richard Curtis has revealed. Speaking at a special event to mark the 25th anniversary of the first Blackadder series, Curtis told how he and fellow writer Ben Elton had agreed to […]

Blackadder is ratings GOLD

The newly re-branded GOLD scored a hit with its two-hour documentary on Blackadder as The Whole Rotten Saga gained 341,000 (1.98%). The programme, marking the 25th anniversary of the popular show, peaked with 411,000 (2.14%) at 9.45pm. Blackadder Exclusive: The Whole Rotten Saga then aired on GOLD+1 and picked up another 104,000 (0.92%). The show […]

Baldrick’s turnip up for auction

Earlier this year, as part of the ‘Wear Your Wellies for Wildlife’ fundraising event, the Manx Wildlife Trust has been contacting celebrities from near and far to ask them to do a signed sketch of ‘Wildlife in Wellies’. They contacted Tony Robinson who got Baldrick to draw a very amusing turnip. I think he had […]

Cunning Blackadder plan foiled

Source: TELLY producers had a cunning plan to mark the 25th anniversary of Blackadder. The idea was to show clips from the popular series, accompanied by interviews with the cast. All the major actors agreed to take part . . . with the exception of star Rowan Atkinson. And, as Atkinson played the title […]

Rowan to perform at Charles’ 60th birthday bash

This is potentially a very exciting story as Rowan performed the King’s Birthday sketch as Charles’ 50th birthday televisual spectacular some ten years ago. So here’s hoping that Rowan brings Eddie out of retirement one more time. UPDATE: No, he didn’t bring out Edie one more time. Source: Comedy greats Rowan Atkinson, Robin Williams […]

Blackadder TV retrospectives – dates confirmed

Blackadder: The Whole Rotten Saga Thursday 9 October 2008, GOLD – The story of the sitcom, featuring contributions by Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnerny, Miranda Richardson, Miriam Margolyes, Patsy Byrne and Brian Blessed. Blackadder’s Most Cunning Moments Thursday 16 October 2008, GOLD – Celebrities including Jeremy Paxman, John […]