Audio Commentaries Added

One of the things I’ve been wanting to get on the site is the audio commentary tracks from the Blackadder Remastered DVD collection. Well, I’ve finally gotten round to popping snippets on to the web. I’ve only included the first 3 minutes from each track; if you want to listen to the complete recording, you’re […]

Get all of Blackadder II for free on iTunes*

To celebrate the launch of Rowan’s new movie, Johnny English Reborn, iTunes are giving away for FREE, yes, absolutely FREE the complete second series of The BlackAdder. That’s six fantastic episodes to keep forever and ever. The promotion runs from now until October 21st 2011; so get downloading. *Only applies to US iTunes account holders. […]

New Site and New Stuff

If you’re an occasional visitor to Blackadder Hall you may have noticed some radical changes of late. I’ve given the old place a bit of a spruce up and moved over to a 100% WordPress format. This allows me to update and make changes from almost anywhere and on any electronic device. With the new […]

No new Blackadder

In a recent interview, Rowan has confirmed that there will be no new Blackadder; something I very much suspected would be the case. On this Rowan said “I made the mistake in Britain to say that it might be a good idea. Now everyone thinks it is going to happen but it is not,” he […]

Tube Talk Gold article added

Website DigitalSpy recently published a retrospective on The Blackadder series; I’ve nicked it and put it up on here for posterity. You can read it here.

Blackadder – Woman’s Hour Audio Online

If you’ve read the script, but never heard the BBC Radio broadcast from 1988, now you can. A copy of the original recording has been uploaded to the WWW. You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Blackadder 5 Could Happen

It’s been a while since the last rumours of a new Blackadder series; the latest comes courtesy of Mr B. himself, Rowan Atkinson. Currently doing the press interviews to promote his new movie, Johnny English Reborn (which also stars fellow Blackadder star Tim Tim McInnery), Rowan has been quizzed a couple of times about a […]

Rowan Atkinson to return to the stage

Original story: BBC Rowan Atkinson is returning to the stage after the success of his role as Fagin in the West End musical Oliver! The Blackadder star told the BBC he would appear in a play in late 2012. “I love theatre, I hadn’t done it for 20 years before I did Fagin and […]

Dr. Who style Blackadder considered

This little snippet of info surfaced in a recent interview with Rowan Atkinson on the BBC website. Asked why there had never been a Blackadder feature film, Atkinson said it was “surprisingly tricky” to expand the sitcom format to an hour and a half. He doesn’t see a movie version ever happening. “We’ve all just […]

Blackadder cast reunite for Dickensian BBC Comedy

Filming has started on BBC Two’s new comedy The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff which will feature Stephen Fry and Tim McInnerny. Beginning with a one-hour Christmas special followed by three 30-minute episodes shown in early 2012, Stephen will portray evil lawyer Malifax Skulkingworm. Other fine British comic actors appearing in the series include Robert […]

Blackadder Remastered on iTunes

If you don’t own a DVD player and you have one of those new-fangled iPoddy thingies, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy Blackadder Remastered on iTunes for the princely sum of £19.99 (I’m not sure how much it costs in foreign money). It contains all the episodes from all four series […]