Rare Bits

The titles – extended / unused takes
This footage is rather magnificent; it contains alternate, extended, and unused footage from The Black Adder credits. It has quite a lot of Rowan doing some funny slapstick as well as some great facial expressions. It runs for just over 9 minutes – so enjoy.

Episode 1 – extended scene
An extended scene from the morning of the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Episode 2 – extended scene
An extended scene from Born To Be King; it’s Baldrick’s cunning plan in action – one that actually works.

Episode 3 – deleted scene
In this deleted scene, the archbishop is making a speech.

Episode 3 – various extended and deleted scenes
Here are a few extended / deleted and alternate scenes from different parts of Episode 3. Some real gems in here; some classic slapstick.

Episode 5 – deleted scene
A deleted scene from episode 5; a church sermon with a small congregation.

Episode 5 – extended and deleted scenes
This longish clip from episode 5 includes some extended footage and also some bits that were ultimately cut or moved to a different part of the episode.

Episode 6 – extended scene
Some extended footage of Baldrick and The Black Adder leaving the castle.

Episode 6 – deleted scene
Harry is killed by The Hawk.

Episode 6 – raw footage
This scene is the shooting and setup of a key moment – the reveal of The Hawk.

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