Scheming Blackadder’s cunning Millennium special

This is Lancashire – 13th September After a gap of 10 years, the scheming Edmund Blackadder is set to return to the screen. Accompanied by his loyal manservant Baldrick, the hit comedy series will be churning out the laughs for a New Millennium special episode, screened for visitors to the Dome. In the 30-minute, £3 […]

Baldrick builds Blackadder time machine

Monday 13 September 1999 – EXCITE Blackadder’s sidekick Baldrick, best known for his creativity with turnips, proves he can be even more imaginative by building a time machine. The bumbling man-servant – played by Tony Robinson – builds a copy from Leonardo da Vinci’s designs in the new film Blackadder Back And Forth. The film, […]

Blackadder’s Millennium Duel

BBC – 13th August 1999 Sky TV claims to have “poached” the Blackadder special. The BBC and Sky TV are at loggerheads over which of the broadcasters owns the rights to screen a special millennium edition of the hit comedy show Blackadder. Time for Blackadder, starring show regulars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and Tim McInnerny […]

Blackadder filming on Hankley Common

Some great news from fellow Blackadder fan Chris S. – Date: 26/06/1999The filming of Blackadder (the new film or the millennium thing?) is currently taking place on Hankley Common, Elstead near Farnham, Surrey, UK. The scenes being shot involve a time machine (appears to be made of hessian with a large clock face), a Roman […]

Blackadder has cunning plans for the dome

Article printed in the Sunday Times 17th January 1999 by Nicholas Hellen and Tim Tezisler THE comedian Rowan Atkinson, who played the dastardly television character Edmund Blackadder, has hatched his most cunning plan: to rewrite British history for an official film marking the year 2000 that will be shown at the dome in Greenwich, southeast […]

Dome’s Dastardly future

Article printed in the Sunday Mirror 17th January 1999 BLACKADDER is to go forth into the 21st century – at the Millennium Dome. Rowan Atkinson, who travelled down the ages as the dastardly TV hero, is to star in a specially-made film charting British history since Roman times. The film, co-starring a host of British […]

Blackadder goes forth for a film in the Baby Dome

Article prined in the Sunday Telegraph on 8th November 1998 By Jacqui Thornton MILLENNIUM Dome chiefs have a cunning plan to attract visitors: a welcome by the caddish and conniving Edmund Blackadder. The television comedy character created by Rowan Atkinson is being wooed to welcome visitors in a 20-minute film to be shown at the […]

Penguin’s cunning plot

This article was posted in the May 15th edition of Publishing news Penguin’s cunning plan for Christmas sales success – as Baldrick might put it – is to publish, for the first time, the complete scripts of the four Blackadder series. The Blackadder Chronicles will be a Michael Joseph hardback and will also include new […]

Blackadder 005?

The following article was printed on the BEEB website on Friday 3rd April 1998. It was in the Funny Talk section in the Comedy Zone. Dear Danny, Okay, please tell me…what do you know about a new series of Blackadder? Where and when will it be set? Vegard Heimdal Dear Danny, Like you’re going to […]

Blackadder bad news

The following article was printed on page 11 in magazine March 1998 issue. Despite reports in the Daily Mirror, Blackadder’s incarnation for the millennium has yet to be decided. A story in the paper on 29th January suggested Rowan Atkinson was due to return to Blackadder, a scheming 13th disciple of Jesus. The BBC […]

Blackadder goes Biblical

Daily Mirror – January 29th 1998. Blackadder Series 5 – Rowan returns as TV Edmund but now he’s the 13th disciple of Jesus EXCLUSIVE By CHRIS HUGHES Funnyman Rowan Atkinson is bringing Blackadder back to life – as a scheming 13th disciple of Jesus. Atkinson, star of Mr Bean plans to launch the new £1million […]

Blackadder – The Movie official?

Evening Standard (West End final ed.)- 29th July 1997 Blackadder set for film role in the millennium By Tim Cooper Rowan Atkinson is set to follow his Mr. Bean film by bringing Blackadder to the big screen in a special new “movie for the millennium”. The comedy star, whose Bean film opens here next week, […]