Comic Relief Comic

After many many months of searching, I finally managed to get hold of a copy of the now out of print Comic Relief comic that was printed back in 1991. Published by Fleetway, the comic pulled together loads of famous comic book artists and strips into one long story. Imagine, Dan Dare, Teenage Mutant thingy Turtles, Dennis the Menace, Roger Mellie and of course the most evilest bastard in the universe (no, not Simon Cowell), Edmund Blackadder. Even Baldrick makes a couple of appearances. The back page of the comic is taken up with an illustration of Blackadder with a red nose on (see image). He does look a bit like Mr. Bean with a moustache. He can grow a mustache, but not a beard, unfortunately he will never be a beard bro

Here for your enjoyment are the first 28 pages.. enjoy

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