Blackadder at 30: how the cunning plan worked

Source: Telegraph ‘The Black Adder’ began on June 15, 30 years ago. Despite a chaotic start, it became a hit. The rest, says Dominic Cavendish, is history. “It was a great lesson in vanity and egotism,” says veteran producerJohn Lloyd, looking back on The Black Adder, the first series of what became simply Blackadder. June 15, […]

Arise Sir…. Baldrick?

In what can only be described as the most cunning of all the cunning plans ever devised, and on today, the 30th anniversary of The Black Adder being shown on the tellybox, Blackadder star Tony Robinson has been knighted in the Queen’s recent birthday honours list. And that’s not all; in a cruel twist of […]

Tony Robinson up for another Blackadder outing

In a recently published interview over on the Radio Times website, Tony Robinson has spoken about being up for another Blackadder outing. When asked whether there would be another Blackadder series, Tony commented “It’s entirely up to writers Richard [Curtis] and Rowan [Atkinson]. If they decided that they wanted to do another series, I would […]

New Blackadder Clip Surfaces

This 3.32 minute clip of the most recent Blackadder outing has recently surfaced on the internet; thanks to Johan for bringing this to my attention. Blackadder @ The Prince’s Trust from Henry Elliss on Vimeo. You can watch the original clip (uploaded by Henry Elliss) here: If you’ve not been keeping up to date with […]

Rare Blackadder Christmas Script Goes Under The Hammer

Source: Coastal Scene 24 A signed 22-page draft for an unfilmed Blackadder Christmas special was a star attraction at a recent fundraising auction held at Bruisyard Hall, near Framlingham. It was bought by the venue’s Paul Rous, who was delighted to have secured the manuscript. “I have always thoroughly enjoyed the Blackadder series and couldn’t […]

New Blackadder Sketch Performed

Update: The Prince’s Trust charity have confirmed that this sketch will NOT be broadcast on television. I will endeavour to locate the full script and publish it here on Blackadder Hall. A new Blackadder sketch written by Ben Elton and starring both Rowan Aktinson and Tony Robinson was performed last evening at a special charity […]

Extract from new Blackadder book

Source: Read an extract from JF Roberts’s new book, The True History of the Black Adder, which explores the final series of the BBC comedy set during the Great War. By early 1989, the Blackadder writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton had already agreed on the setting for their hero’s fourth full incarnation, Blackadder Goes Forth, moving […]

Lost Blackadder ‘Script’ uncovered

Below is an extract from Richard Curtis’  screenplay for a Christmas Special of Blackadder that was never made back in 1988. The script is taken from a new book on Blackadder written by Jem Roberts. ROLLER & VOICE-OVER (WITH CHORAL ACCOMPANIMENT, ANGELS, ETC) “And it came to pass, in those days when a decree went out […]

Biblical Blackadder Uncovered in NEW Book!

source: A draft script for a Christmas episode of Blackadder has come to light during research for a new book about the BBC’s classic comedy series. Blackadder in Bethlehem sees Rowan Atkinson’s character as the owner of the inn where Joseph and Mary seek a bed for the night. The story also features Baldrick, […]

New Blackadder Book – Just in time for Xmas

Published on October 11th to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the first pilot episode of The Black Adder, The True History of the Blackadder: The Unadulterated History of the Creation of a Comedy Legend is the complete history of the series with the co-operation of writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, producer John Lloyd, cast and […]

Blackadder The Third – 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th anniversary since Blackadder The Third was first aired on television. To celebrate this momentous  occasion, I will be wittering on about the series on BBC Radio Oxford today. Happy birthday Blacky!

Chortle talks up Blackadder, Flashy and Elton

I recently received an email from Chris Hallam over at Chortle telling me all about the articles he’s written on the site related to Blackadder. Rather than doing a copy/paste job on here, I’ve opted to link to them instead. Enjoy.