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Blackadder’s life and antics, immortalised in the BBC television series, are laid open for all to explore in this CD-ROM. The World of Blackadder is split into the four main eras of the great Blackadder dynasty reflecting the four different television series: the Middle Ages, the Elizabethan years, Georgian Times and World War One. You can check out all the important people from Blackadder’s many lives throughout the dynasty in the Portrait Gallery. Baldrick, Lord Melchett, Dr Samuel Johnson and Captain Darling all offer pearls of wisdom from each of the four eras on the whos, hows, whys and wherefores affecting Blackadder in the educational and entertaining History section.

Each era also offers a selection of classic video clips from the television series as well as a collection of whimsical games designed to test your nerve and skill.

Other features include Lord Percy’s Desktop Customiser which lets you personalise your PC with a selection of screensavers, wallpaper, cursors, icons and sounds and Dr Johnson’s Dictionary which can be linked to the internet allowing a shared collection of wild and wacky words and definitions! Along the way you’ll be entertained with numerous anecdotal tidbits to tickle your fancy.

When the CD-ROM was released it retailed for about £20; however it has now been discontinued and so quite difficult to find. However, some people seem to have some copies for sale on Amazon – go check them out.


A word from the CD-ROM creators:
The producers of the CD-ROM would like to thank everyone who submitted dictionary entries suggested clips. I’ve been told that without your input, the show’s producer John Lloyd and the BBC would never had gone ahead with some of the material on the CD-ROM. So a big thanks to everyone who did their bit.

More words from the CD-ROM creators:
What follows is an interview with Andy Green, one of the blokes responsible for the Blackadder CD-ROM. Cheers Andy.

1. How did you get the Blackadder CD-ROM gig?
Errr well…We’ve be doing odd bits and bobs for the BBC for a few years now, nothing major, but last year we were asked to come up with some games and a CD for Robot Wars….we did and it rocked! (even if I do say so myself) Well due to our shear brilliance and devotion to duty they offered us a big CD. At first it was going to be Fawlty Towers, but about a week later, Dave the producer at the BBC phoned and said “or you can do Blackadder if you want”. Well I nearly fell of my chair…and the rest is history.

2. What research did you have to do?
We watched a lot of Blackadder and I mean A LOT! of Blackadder a bloody lot of Blackadder, weekends of Blackadder, nights of Blackadder!….Am I getting the point across? (nope – MG) We also read a lot of the scripts, searched the Internet sites, talked to our mates and of course we had a lot of help from you and all at the Blackadder Hall. We also did some historical research it the characters and the times.

3. What help did you get from the BBC and the original team?
A bit…..Most of the cast and writers had to look through our stuff to see if it was in keeping and mostly they thought it was pretty funny especially the pie recipes and the dictionary. John Lloyd wrote some stuff for us but most of the cast wanted to help but they were too busy (shame – MG).

4. Is there anything you would like to have included but couldn’t?
Yer more video, and we developed an insultomatic (an experimental device for putting the wind up Jerry!) but we ran out of time and military funding.

5. What part of the CD-ROM is your favourite?
The recipe book because we got away with some outrageous smut! Oh and the bishop of Bath & Wells bit as the CD is dedicated to his memory (as the actor has sadly passed on).

6. What would you say the hardest part was in creating he CD-ROM?
All of it…No really. Coming up with gags and themes in the style of somebody else’s humour. Oh and contacting everybody who was ever in Blackadder to see if it was ok to use them.

7. What is your favourite Blackadder episode and why?
Mine is Head!…..What wife could do more. Deans is Duel and Dueality.

8. Would you like to see another series and if so, what time period?
Maybe……Perhaps Roman Britain……I think Blackadder would make a good chieftain

9. What’s your favourite root vegetable?
Well its a sweed….But I’d really like a big turnip in the country!

10. Why couldn’t you include the ‘going over the top’ bit from Goodbyee?
Space, I’m afraid it was to big to go on the CD and we didn’t want to chop it up as it would spoil the effect.

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