Blackadder Back & Forth

Lord Blackadder

Lord Blackadder

Blackadder Back and Forth (original title was Time for Blackadder) was commissioned for the Millennium Dome in London. It was a joint venture between Tiger Aspect, Sky Television, the New Millennium Experience Company and the BBC and was shown at the Skyscape extension to the Millennium Dome throughout 2000. Also, it has now aired on Sky Television and the BBC. If you missed the showing in TV, then why not buy it on video or DVD. You can order it through the Blackadder Hall shop. I can really recommend the DVD as it includes a 30 minute, behind-the-scenes feature and Blackadder: The Cavalier Years sketch. You’ll also find it and Baldrick’s Diary special on the Blackadder Remastered DVD Collection.

Here are the opening and closing credits for the special

The Cast:
Lord Blackadder, King Edmund III, Blackaddercus – Rowan Atkinson
Sodoff Baldrick, Baldrickus – Tony Robinson
Lady Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth – Miranda Richardson
Archdeacon Darling, Duc de Darling, Duke of Darling – Tim McInnerny
Viscount George Bufton-Tufton, Georgius – Hugh Laurie
Bishop Flavius Melchett, Melchett, General Melchecus, Stephen Fry
Robin Hood – Rik Mayall
William Shakespeare – Colin Firth
Maid Marion, Queen Marion of Sherwood – Kate Moss
Nursie – Patsy Byrne
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Himself
Naopleon – Simon Russell Beale
News reporter – Jenny Bond
Friar Tuck – Crispin Harris

Other people that done stuff:

Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Music composed by Howard Goodall
Produced by Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Directed by Paul Weiland
Those executive producer types were Peter Bennett-Jones and Geoffrey Perkins
Guy Bensley did the editing
Tony Pierce-Roberts (BSC not BSE) was the director of photography
Andrew Howe-Davies was the production designer
Hazel Pethig designed the costumes
Jan Sewell was the make-up designer
Emma Freud did the script editing

Here are some of my favourite quotes from Blackadder Back & Forth. If you’ve got any and you’d like to submit them, add them as a reply at the bottom.

Submitted by: Jackie A

Edmund:[After proposing a toast]
I’m sorry about the food by the way.. Unfortunateley my cook got invited to an orgy at Delia Smith’s house. So our chef for this evening is the man who cleans out the sceptic tank.Baldrick!

Baldrick:[wearing an obsene apron]
My lord!

Edmund:God save us

Baldrick:I trust you are all enjoying your food

Edmund:No we’re not actually Baldrick.What is this we’re eating?

It tastes as if somebody with a bad chest cold has taken two spoonfuls of benelyn to loosen the phlegm and then coughed all over an abocardo

Well..[Grunts]’s funny you should say that actually because..
[Edmund interrupts]

Baldrick: [to a t-rex]
Sniff my skids!

Melchett: [on seeing the time machine for the first time]
Well glaze my nipples and call me Rita

Edmund: [to Will Shakespeare after punching to the ground]
That is for every schoolboy and schoolgirl for the next four hundred years. Have you any idea how much suffering you are going to cause. Hours spent at school deks trying to find one joke in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Years wearing stupid tights in school plays and saying things like ‘What ho, my lord’ and ‘Oh, look, here comes Othello, talking total crap as usual’ Oh, and… [kicks Shakespeare]… that is Ken Branagh’s endless uncut four-hour version of Hamlet.

Who’s Ken Branagh?

I’ll tell him you said that. And I think he’ll be very hurt.

These images are copyright of Sky Television and I must thank them for allowing me to put them on display at Blackadder Hall.


Song Lyrics:
Let joy fill every Briton’s heart,
For now the country’s going to make it.
At last a King who looks the part,
At last a Queen who looks good naked.

A monarch with panache,
He’s got a nice moustache

Everything he wants he’ll get,
The world is now Blackadder’s oyster,
Most Prime Ministers are wet,
But Baldrick he is even moister.

A dog who’s got his bone,
A bastard on the throne

His beard is neatly curled,
He’s going to rule the world.

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