Blackadder The Third

England 1760 – 1815. The annuls of the Blackadder family continue, although their fortunes have rather plummeted with the advent of the Regency period. Edmund Blackadder, butler to the Prince Regent, veers from calamity to disaster with very little in the way of constructive help from his imbecilic Lord and master, oh and Baldrick, of whom the least is said the better.

Regular cast:
Edmund Blackadder, butler to the Prince – Mr. Rowan Atkinson
Baldrick, a dogsbody – Mr. Tony Robinson
The Prince Regent, their master – Mr. Hugh Laurie
Mrs. Miggins, a coffee shoppekeepe – Miss. Helen Atkinson-Wood

Episode 1: Dish & Dishonesty
First broadcast on 17th September 1987

Blackadder takes on the task of saving his master from bankruptcy. Unfortunately, attempts at interfering in the democratic process don’t quite go according to plan as Baldrick is accidentally elevated to the House of Lords.

Parliament is about to cut off the Prince Regent’s support and Edmund takes action to save him.

Extra cast:
Mr. Vincent Hanna, his own great great great grandfather – Mr. Vincent Hanna
Sir Talbot Buxomly, a member of Parliament – Mr. Denis Lill
Pitt the Younger, the Prime Minister – Mr. Simon Osborne
Ivor Biggun, a candidate – Mr. Geoff McGovern
Pitt the even Younger, a tiny whig – Master Dominic Martelli

Episode 2: Ink & Incapability
First broadcast on 24th September 1987

When “thick as a whale omlette” Prince George is approached by Doctor Johnson with a view to patronising his new dictionary, Blackadder is, at first unimpressed. But as Johson’s enthusiasm for a novel by a certain “Getrude Perkins” becomes clear, the royal butler’s attitude changes. However, he hasn’t bargained for the monumentally brainless Baldrick.

Dr. Samual Johnson asks the Prince for support of his dictionary. which accidentally gets used for firewood. Edmund must rewrite it before Dr. Johnson finds out.

Extra cast:
Dr. Samuel Johnson, noted for his fat dictionary – Mr. Robbie Coltrane
Shelley, romantic junkie poet – Mr.Lee Cornes
Byron, romantic junkie poet – Mr. Steve Steen
Coleridge, romantic junkie poet – Mr. Jim Sweeney

Episode 3: Nob & Nobility
First broadcast on 1st October 1987

With Francophilia and Scarlet Pimpernalia sweeping England following Blackadder’s intense dislike for anything Gallic seems somewhat out of place. But the lure of pecuniary advantage can do strange things to a man’s principles. Meanwhile the Prince Regent his terrible trouble getting his trousers on.

The Scarlet Pimpernel is the talk of London, much to Edmunds chagrin. He is captured by French revolutionaries and held captive.

Extra cast:
Lord Topper, fop – Mr. Tim McInnerny
Lord Smedley, fop – Mr. Nigel Planer
Ambassasor, a fearsome revolutionary – Mr. Chris Barrie

Episode 4: Sense & Senility
First broadcast on 8th October 1987

With anarchists lurking everywhere, Blackadder suggests that it might be opportune for his master to make a speech sympathetic to the proletariat. But when they hire two actors to give Prince George some oratorical training, the “mouse-brained” Baldrick apparently discovers an extravagant plot to murder the Prince, who is wearing some very large trousers indeed.

The Prince Regent enlists the aid of two actors to help him write a speech. But are the actors really anarchists?

Extra cast:
Keanrick, thespian – Mr. Hugh Paddick
Mossop, thespian – Mr. Kenneth Connor
Anarchist – Mr. Ben Elton

Episode 5: Amy & Amiability
First broadcast on 15th October 1987

Penury stalks the corridors of the Royal Palace, and the only answer is a marriage of financial convenience for the Prince Regent. Unfortunately that idea backfires and Blackadder is forced into a highwayman’s life with dogsbody, Baldrick as his trusty steed.

The Prince is low on cash and Edmund sets out to find a suitable dowry for the Prince Regent to marry. Amy Hardwood looks to be the answer.

Extra cast:
Amy Hardwood, the elusive Shadow – Miss. Miranda Richardson
Mr. Hardwood, her father – Mr. Warren Clarke
Sally Cheapside, a young lady of dubious virtue – Miss Barbara Horne
The Duke of Cheapside, her father – Mr. Roger Avon

Episode 6: Duel & Duality
First broadcast on 22nd October 1987

After a night of debauchery with the Duke of Wellington’s two nieces, the Prince Regent is challenged to a duel by the big-nosed general. During a momentary lapse in semi-coherence, Baldrick thinks of a plan.

The Prince Regent “soils” two of the Duke of Wellington’s nieces and is challenged to a duel. Edmund volunteers to fight for the Prince and attempts to get his cousin, McAdder to fill in for him.

Extra cast:
The Duke of Wellington, a famous soldier – Mr. Stephen Fry
King George III, a Mad Monarch – Mr. Gertan Klauber

Impress your friends with some useless trivia from the Blackadder III archives.

The words quoted whenever the Scottish play is mentioned are: “Hot potato, orchestra stalls, Puck will make amends.”
Because of copyright issues, the episode Nob and Nobility wasn’t broadcast in the USA.
Not wishing to feel like he was becoming typecast, Tim McInnerny turned down the chance to appear as another Percy.
Rowan doesn’t sport a fine beard in the third series as his girlfriend hated it.
The third series won a BAFTA award for best light entertainment series.

Whose who on the crew:
Other people whose job titles always appear on the back of the programs you get at local theatrical emporiums.

Written by – Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Director – Mandie Fletcher
Producer – John Lloyd
Music (never perform’d before) – Mr. Howard Goodall
Designer of graphics – Mr. Graham McCallum
Buyer of properties – Miss. Judy Farr
Designer of costumes – Miss. Annie Hardinge
Designer of make-up – Miss. Vicky Pocock
Mixer of vision – Miss. Angela Wilson
Supervisor of cameras – Mr. Ron Green
Editor of videotape – Mr. Chris Wadsworth
Director of lighting – Mr. Ron Bristow
Co-ordinator of technicalities – Mr. John Latus
Supervisor of sound – Mr. Peter Barville
Assistant to production – Miss. Nikki Cockcroft
Assistant manager of floors – Mr. Duncan Cooper
Manager of production – Miss. Olivia Hill
The designer – Mr. Antony Thorpe

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