Bob is Back(adder)! Character returns in Elton’s Upstart Crow


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This is jolly exciting news indeed. I’ve just had confirmed from Bob (actress Gabrielle Glaister) herself that her character ‘Judge’ in the final episode of Ben Elton’s quite frankly bloody funny Elizabethan sitcom Upstart Crow  is indeed Bob from Blackadder II whom we last saw running off with Lord Flashheart in the episode Bells.

The final episode of the current series (let’s hope there’s more) airs on BBC2 on Monday 13th June at 9pm (UTC +1).

Not heard of Upstart Crow? Well, here’s a quick summary (courtesy of the Radio Times)..

David Mitchell stars in Ben Elton’s comedy that follows William Shakespeare as he starts to make a name for himself as a playwright in London while also trying to be a husband and father in Stratford-upon-Avon. In the first episode, Will struggles to find inspiration for Romeo and Juliet while at the same time having to deal with an angry actor, a very annoying house guest and his family’s not-terribly-helpful script suggestions. With Harry Enfield, Paula Wilcox and Liza Tarbuck.