The Red Adder

Hi, all… With the Bean sequel opening in the UK this weekend, there’s been lots of the usual puff stories in the British press concerning Rowan Atkinson. The only new Blackadder tidbit is in today’s edition of the Sun. Atkinson brings up BA at one point, which I quote in full: “He says: “There was […]

A Brief Word From Ben Elton

Hi, folks…A belated Happy New Year to all Blackadder fans everywhere. So, uh, first things first: the Blackadder Hall website is gone. It disappeared a few months ago. I don’t know whether its owner & proprietor, Mad Gerald, decided to do away with it, or if it just sort of happened and he didn’t have […]

BlackAdder Movie – THE TRUTH!

Always one to stop a rumour dead in its tracks – BlackAdder Hall once again can lay to rest the latest rumours surrounding a BlackAdder movie. I’ve spoken to my source who is very close to one of the writers and they had this to say: “Not that I’ve heard! And just checked with Richard […]

A Black(Adder) Russian Please? – new BlackAdder movie rumours

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve sent you an email, and to be honest, I’d just use the BA Hall forums for this message if they were currently up and running. But seeing as they’re not… Anyway, evidently Stephen Fry participated in another live web chat just a couple of days ago, and […]

Blackadder returns for a good cause

A new sketch by Richard Curtis is going under the hammer to help Book Aid International – and 30 other writers are backing the charity too. Their adventures spanned five centuries and featured mad royals and barking army generals, not to mention at least one giant turnip. Now, at last, the sardonic Edmund Blackadder and […]

The Pilot Episode gets a UK airing (except it doesn’t)

Unfortunately, due to a mix up in the UK Gold programming dept. UK Gold will not be showing the pilot episode. It seems that when asked if they had clearance to broadcast it, they said yes in reference to the The Cavalier Years, and not the pilot episode. Now, call me silly, but Pilot Episode […]

BBC Radio 4 Documentary rescheduled

The BBC has settled a dispute over the rights to Blackadder that had forced it to drop a radio tribute. I Have a Cunning Plan: 20 Years of Blackadder was to be broadcast on Radio 4 two months ago, but was pulled at the last minute when negotiations over the airing of clips hit a […]

Blackadder@20 UK Gold Weekend news

UK Gold will be broadcasting a Blackadder weekend in June to celebrate the 20th birthday of The Black Adder. Filming of a series of interviews with cast and fans has now taken place and will be broadcast over the weekend.The broadcast dates are as follows – Weekend of June 14th / 15th. The weekend will […]

Scheming Blackadder’s cunning Millennium special

This is Lancashire – 13th September After a gap of 10 years, the scheming Edmund Blackadder is set to return to the screen. Accompanied by his loyal manservant Baldrick, the hit comedy series will be churning out the laughs for a New Millennium special episode, screened for visitors to the Dome. In the 30-minute, £3 […]

Baldrick builds Blackadder time machine

Monday 13 September 1999 – EXCITE Blackadder’s sidekick Baldrick, best known for his creativity with turnips, proves he can be even more imaginative by building a time machine. The bumbling man-servant – played by Tony Robinson – builds a copy from Leonardo da Vinci’s designs in the new film Blackadder Back And Forth. The film, […]

Blackadder’s Millennium Duel

BBC – 13th August 1999 Sky TV claims to have “poached” the Blackadder special. The BBC and Sky TV are at loggerheads over which of the broadcasters owns the rights to screen a special millennium edition of the hit comedy show Blackadder. Time for Blackadder, starring show regulars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and Tim McInnerny […]

Blackadder filming on Hankley Common

Some great news from fellow Blackadder fan Chris S. – Date: 26/06/1999The filming of Blackadder (the new film or the millennium thing?) is currently taking place on Hankley Common, Elstead near Farnham, Surrey, UK. The scenes being shot involve a time machine (appears to be made of hessian with a large clock face), a Roman […]