Baldrick’s Cunning Plan For A Movie

Source: PA

Tony Robinson hopes all the Blackadder team can reunite on the big screen.

The Time Team presenter starred alongside Rowan Atkinson in Richard Curtis and Ben Elton’s comedy Blackadder for four series and two special episodes as “I have a cunning plan” sidekick Baldrick. And he is keen to be a part of a movie spin-off.

Tony said: “I think we’d do much better making a Blackadder movie, even if it was relatively low budget, than going back to a TV series.

“If we made a TV series, everyone would just compare it with the other TV series, whereas if we moved to a different kind of canvas then there’s a chance that people might be prepared to judge it on what it is rather than compare it with something we did 20 years ago.”

And Rowan recently revealed that it “wasn’t impossible” that he would ever reprise his role as Blackadder.
Tony said: “Yes it’s funny, Rowan seems to have changed his tune a little bit during the interviews for Johnny English, which is great.”

He added: “I’ve always said I’d be happy to do another series – and my bank manager would certainly be incredibly enthusiastic about me doing another series.

“But I think a lot of the others have always been very diffident simply because we’ve all got so much on. It was very difficult to get us all together to do Blackadder Back And Forth which we did in 1999 for the Millennium Dome.

“But if Rowan is beginning to think a bit more fondly about doing something, then maybe Richard [Curtis] and Ben [Elton] will as well.”