Blackadder bad news

The following article was printed on page 11 in magazine March 1998 issue.

Despite reports in the Daily Mirror, Blackadder’s incarnation for the millennium has yet to be decided. A story in the paper on 29th January suggested Rowan Atkinson was due to return to Blackadder, a scheming 13th disciple of Jesus.

The BBC has categorically denied the story calling the report “absolutely and categorically untrue”, as has Rowan Atkinson’s agent who had no knowledge of where the story sprang from. She did say, however, that there were discussions going on regarding Blackadder’s future and that Atkinson and writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton had agreed, “Never to say never again.”

Richard Curtis, in an exclusive interview with, confirms that there are plans for a millennial Blackadder, though nothing yet has been decided. He also denied the widespread reports of a Blackadder movie saying that neither he, Ben Elton or the cast have time at present to concentrate on a feature version of the BBC comedy.