Blackadder@20 UK Gold Weekend news

UK Gold will be broadcasting a Blackadder weekend in June to celebrate the 20th birthday of The Black Adder. Filming of a series of interviews with cast and fans has now taken place and will be broadcast over the weekend.The broadcast dates are as follows – Weekend of June 14th / 15th. The weekend will be split into two different parts

Saturday 14th June (9:00pm – 1:20am) – The Story of Blackadder – The first of two compilations to mark the 20th anniversary including Blackadder’s Christmas Carol and a Comic Relief special – The Cavalier Years which hasn’t been shown for 15 years. Plus the first ever episode.

Here’s the line up:
Series 1, Ep 1 (The Foretelling)
Series 2, Ep 3 (Potato)
Series 3, Ep 4 (Sense and Sensibility)
Series 4, Ep 6 (Plan F: Goodbyeee)
The Cavalier Years
Blackadders Christmas Carol

Sunday 15th June (9:00pm – 1:00am) – The best of – selected episodes from series 2,3,4

Here’s the line up:
Series 4, Ep 1 (Plan A: Captain Cook)
Series 2, Ep 6 (Chains)
Series 3, Ep 2 (Ink and Incapability)
Series 2, Ep 1 (Bells)
Series4, Ep 2 (Corporal Punishment)

Remember, in between each episode are some intersticials (short bits) with interviews from cast and fans.

Strange that Beer isn’t being broadcast!