A Brief Word From Ben Elton

Hi, folks…A belated Happy New Year to all Blackadder fans everywhere.
So, uh, first things first: the Blackadder Hall website is gone. It disappeared a few months ago. I don’t know whether its owner & proprietor, Mad Gerald, decided to do away with it, or if it just sort of happened and he didn’t have the time or energy to correct the situation, being the busy boy he is. Either way, I haven’t heard from MG, but he did elect to make me a full fledged contributor to this blog when he created it, and now that there’s actually something to contribute, I may as well do the honors.

Ben Elton is arranging a charity show to benefit HIV victims next month (March 18th, to be precise). The same story was carried in the following sources: ITV.com, ITN News and Channel 4 News. For our purposes, the particular item of interest is in the last two lines, which I now quote: “Ben is back in Britain after a spell living Down Under with his Australian wife and he has not ruled out the possibility of a fifth series of Blackadder. He said: “I think one day the Adder will be back in some form.”

I know, I know: Not much, is it? Still, it’s the sort of thing this blog was created for, so here it is. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any other such notices as the date for this charity event gets closer, and if Elton’s inclined to make further remarks, I’ll post them here. It’s also worth noting that Comic Relief 2007 is just around the corner, so there should be plenty of gas from Richard Curtis (and possibly Rowan Atkinson) in the media over the next few weeks as well.