The Red Adder

Hi, all… With the Bean sequel opening in the UK this weekend, there’s been lots of the usual puff stories in the British press concerning Rowan Atkinson. The only new Blackadder tidbit is in today’s edition of the Sun. Atkinson brings up BA at one point, which I quote in full: “He says: “There was a plan for a film set in the Russian revolution, a very interesting one called The Red Adder. He would have been a lieutenant in the Secret Police. “Then the revolution happened and at the end he is in the same office doing the same job but just the colours on his uniform have changed. “It was quite a sweet idea and we got quite a long way with it but in the end it died a death.” The success of Blackadder and the affection with which the series is held gives Rowan just as much satisfaction as the worldwide success of Mr Bean. He adds: “I have been amazed that Blackadder has stayed in the public consciousness even though it is years since we finished making it. And I think it will continue to do so. I get equal satisfaction from the show and Mr Bean.” To my knowledge, this is the first time we’ve been given the title of Ben Elton’s idea for a film set during the Russian Revolution. I wish RA had mentioned the Colditz/WWII idea as well. I’ve been wondering for ages what they’d intended to call that.