Leeds plan to reunite Blackadder cast

It has been nearly 20 years since they starred in the classic TV sitcom, but now the cast of Blackadder Goes Forth could soon be reunited; by Leeds City Council.

It is inviting Rowan Atkinson and the rest of the Blackadder gang, including Tony Robinson who played his turnip-loving sidekick – to its garden exhibition at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

The garden design was inspired by the grounds of Talbot House, a rest centre for troops near Ypres in Belgium during the First World War.

Staff working on the entry at Shadwell’s Redhall Nursery recently realised that it includes a plant known as a black adder.

That provided the connection to the final series of Blackadder, set in the First World War and ending in tearjerking fashion as its soldier characters went ‘over the top’.

Other Blackadder actors receiving invitations are Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, above, as well as writers Ben Elton and Richard Curtis.

Leeds’ 1,800 sq ft garden will be ferried to London by articulated trucks before going on display between May 20 and 24.