Atkinson signs Up For Blackadder Set in Future

Another series of BBC comedy ‘Blackadder’ is set to begin filming in June and it will be set in a future London of 2145. The BBC say it is ‘excited’ about the project.

“We are happy to announce that a 5th series of the show will air on BBC 1 in November” said BBC spokesman Eddie Yates. “So far Tony Robinson, Tim McInnerny, Stephen Fry and Hugh Lauire have all signed up to the cast.”

However Blackadder himself will be played by former Manchester United, Aston Villa and West Brom manager, Ron Atkinson.

“We got an intern at the BBC to mail out the contracts,” explained Yates. “He sent Rowan’s to Ron. Ron signed it so we are obligated to have Ron as the main lead. Sorry about that.”

Atkinson (Ron) is delighted. “I love Blackadder, and I reckon I’m as funny as Atkinson (Rowan). I can’t wait to drive that green mini.”

“Sorry about that” said Yates, again.