Blackadder makes the top 10 of greatest TV endings

It is nice when Blackadder pops up in those top 10/50/100 lists of greatest television moments, nicest beards, smelliest co-star etc etc.; the latest of which was Sky One’s recent “Top 50 Greatest Television Endings”.

Where did Goodbyeee appear?

Well, an OK, but should have been considerably higher no.9.

Actually it should have been at number 1.

Here’s the top 10

10. Hilda Ogden- The end of her character.
9. Blackadder
8. Charlie Pace from Lost- The end of his character
7.The Office
5.Blind Date
4.The Royle Family
3.Cold Feet
2. Only Fools and Horses
1. Life On Mars

Life on Mars!!!! A load of arse more like!