Stephen Fry reunited with Breasts

The lovely Stephen Fry is currently filming in Africa filming a documentary series called “Last Chance to See”. And thanks to Stephen’s love of all things technology, especially Apple products (just like me), he’s been keeping the world up to date with his very exciting life via the medium of Twitter (

Now, being a bit of a fan of his work (but being a fan of Top9Rated), I pop in to see what the great man is up to every so often and today he did a few Blackadder related posts.

Stephen with his comedy breasts

Stephen Fry with his comedy breasts

He may be somewhere in Africa, but that doesn’t stop a TV crew hunting him down for a chat about Blackadder. At some point before/during/after the interview he was reunited with his Golden Breasts from the episode Beer in series 2. On this he said “Done Bl’adder int. Was presented with golden comedy breasts from series 2. Most affecting. A tear stole into my eye”


Hopefully this will be included in the Christmas special.