Blackadder Rides Again for Christmas

As mentioned by me some time ago, Blackadder will be making a return to BBC1 this Christmas, albeit in a documentary celebrating 25 years. The programme will be called “Blackadder Rides Again” – a title which will no doubt confuse viewers; leading them to think that its an actual one-off sitcom special and not a documentary. And I can finally reveal that Rowan Atkinson will also appear.

This article has just been published on the Mirror website.

Blackadder is going forth once more this Christmas… with a oneoff special featuring Rowan Atkinson.

Despite it being one of his best-loved roles, Atkinson has pretty much refused to discuss his character.

But in this 60-minute special, to mark 25 years since the first transmission, he gives his first in-depth interview about Edmund Blackadder.

He says: “The role was almost like an MC, with me delegating the job of entertaining to all these amazing entertainers.

“It was like saying ladies and gentlemen, Mr Tony Robinson, ladies and gentlemen Mr Stephen Fry.”

He also reveals that his initial meeting with co-writer Richard Curtis did not bode well.

He says he “sat in the corner saying nothing” while Curtis recalls that Atkinson was “just a curiously shaped object in the corner”.

Atkinson and other stars also speculate on a possible fifth series of Blackadder – and where it would be set.

Rowan says: “The best idea was Colditz.”

Fry suggests “a prisoner of war camp” and Miranda Richardson likes the idea of a cowboy themed series where she could take on a Calamity Jane type role…

A fifth series anywhere would be a result.