Never seen Blackadder footage and Pilot episide snippets to be broadcast

Hot news just in Blackadder fans; the forthcoming TV documentary Blackadder Rides Again (Christmas Day BBC1 10:30-11:35) will feature some never-before-seen footage…. Here’s what you can expect..

  • A small sequence from the Pilot Episode that has never been broadcast on TV
  • One or two deleted or extended scenes from Series 1
  • Some “clean” footage from the various title sequences of series one (i.e. without the captions)
  • One of the specially shot trailers for Blackadder II (although it’s not best quality) *could be what I have on YouTube
  • Some studio footage from Blackadder Goes Forth
  • Blackadder Goes Forth rehearsal footage
  • The raw footage of the “over the top” sequence from the final episode
  • And a little, tiny glimpse of some backstage stuff from Blackadder Back And Forth
  • There’s also some rare photos I believe

It’s all there to tell the story of the show, so the clips are really there to illustrate what’s being said. Sadly the quality of the studio recording footage from “Potato” wasn’t good enough, so it couldn’t be featured.

Also, my appearance is towards the end of the programme and leads in to the big question of will there be a fifth series.