Dr. Who style Blackadder considered

This little snippet of info surfaced in a recent interview with Rowan Atkinson on the BBC website.

Asked why there had never been a Blackadder feature film, Atkinson said it was “surprisingly tricky” to expand the sitcom format to an hour and a half.

He doesn’t see a movie version ever happening. “We’ve all just gone our different ways, it’s very difficult to get people back together.

“It’s very difficult to create the comic creative consensus that we all enjoyed in the 1980s – the writers, producers and actors – and even if you get the same people together, they don’t necessarily have the same ambitions and attitudes.”

Atkinson, who in 1999 starred in a Doctor Who special for Comic Relief, said it had been “a secret ambition” of his at one stage to play the Doctor.

“I remember we were thinking of doing a Blackadder episode called Doctor Whom in which Blackadder would be effectively the Doctor and Baldrick would be his sidekick. But that never came to anything.”