New Blackadder Book – Just in time for Xmas

Published on October 11th to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the first pilot episode of The Black Adder, The True History of the Blackadder: The Unadulterated History of the Creation of a Comedy Legend is the complete history of the series with the co-operation of writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, producer John Lloyd, cast and crew. Including hitherto unseen material including extracts from a previously unseen and unproduced Christmas special.

Written by J. F. Roberts, comedy historian and author of The Fully Authorised History of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’, This True History will be the very first in-depth examination of the creation of a British institution like no other, arguably the greatest sitcom of all time – not to mention the first scholarly historical investigation into the lives of the Blackadder family, one of the nation’s most vilified dynasties.

With the participation of John Lloyd, Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Brian Blessed and many more, this will be the definitive history of the epic comedy. Using all existing archive footage and rare literature, plus new revelations from personal interviews with the makers themselves, historian J.F. Roberts relates the full scope of the tale of how the 70s alumni of three great universities – Oxford, Cambridge and not Hull, but Manchester – discovered a unique chemistry that would see them build a timeless comic masterpiece.

This is the TRUE History of The Black Adder in which Blackadder fans can, at last, uncover THE most cunning plan of all, in its full hideous hilarity.

The book is published on October 11th by Preface Publishing and is available from all/some good/rubbish book sellers including in the UK.

Get all of Blackadder II for free on iTunes*

To celebrate the launch of Rowan’s new movie, Johnny English Reborn, iTunes are giving away for FREE, yes, absolutely FREE the complete second series of The BlackAdder. That’s six fantastic episodes to keep forever and ever.

Get it here!

Get it here!

The promotion runs from now until October 21st 2011; so get downloading.

*Only applies to US iTunes account holders. So if you don’t have a US iTunes account; create one 😉

Blackadder Soundboard for iPod/iPhone

Got an iPod Touch or iPhone? Want to listen to classic Blackadder phrases and quotes? Then you need the ‘OFFICIAL’ Blackadder Soundboard app!

According to the blurb on iTunes, the app features the best quotes from Blackadder, Baldrick and all your favourite characters. Also includes images taken directly from the show, allowing you to see the characters and you relive classic Blackadder moments.

Additional features include:

TIME DELAY – set a delay time and a sound clip, hide your phone and watch as your mates get a surprise.
SLIDESHOW – hear all the sounds with their images in a montage.
SHAKE – play a random quote.

Here’s a couple of lovely screenshots for your enjoyment.

The app is available to download now on iTunes priced at 69p.


Blackadder Remastered – The Ultimate Edition

It has been quite a while since I last updated Blackadder Hall; to be honest, there has been hardly anything of great worth to write about so the site has been ticking along on its own for the past couple of years.

However, time has come for me to do a little bit of updating here and there. First off, and yes, I know its been out for some time now, but there is a ‘new’ Blackadder DVD boxset; Blackadder Remastered – The Ultimate Edition [DVD].

What will one find on this DVD spectacular? Here’s the features list:

– Remastered series: The Black Adder, Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third, Blackadder Goes Forth
– New commentary by Rowan Atkinson and John Lloyd, Stephen Fry, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, Tony Robinson and Tim McInnery
– Blackadder Rides Again: special 60-minute documentary to mark the 25th anniversary
– Exclusive extended interviews with Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry
– Costumes Revisited with Miranda Richardson, Patsy Byrne, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnery
– Plus Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, Blackadder the Cavalier Years, Blackadder Back and Forth, Baldrick’s Video Diary and more

The boxset is available to buy online from Amazon and is worth picking up if only to see me on Blackadder Rides Again.