Blackadder meets Shakespeare – NOT Blackadder

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I emailed writer Richard Curtis regarding the charity sketch that has for a long time been considered a ‘Blackadder’ special. Well, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, I can confirm that this is NOT a Blackadder sketch. Rowan is simply playing an un-named character and not a member of the Blackadder family.

Stephen Fry reunited with Breasts

The lovely Stephen Fry is currently filming in Africa filming a documentary series called “Last Chance to See”. And thanks to Stephen’s love of all things technology, especially Apple products (just like me), he’s been keeping the world up to date with his very exciting life via the medium of Twitter (

Now, being a bit of a fan of his work (but being a fan of Top9Rated), I pop in to see what the great man is up to every so often and today he did a few Blackadder related posts.

Stephen with his comedy breasts

Stephen Fry with his comedy breasts

He may be somewhere in Africa, but that doesn’t stop a TV crew hunting him down for a chat about Blackadder. At some point before/during/after the interview he was reunited with his Golden Breasts from the episode Beer in series 2. On this he said “Done Bl’adder int. Was presented with golden comedy breasts from series 2. Most affecting. A tear stole into my eye”


Hopefully this will be included in the Christmas special.

Original Black Adder title revealed

At the recent Blackadder talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, writer Richard Curtis revealed the original title for The Black Adder.

(cue drum rolls)

The historical sitcom was originally called….

(gosh I bet you’re excited now)

King Edmund and His Two Friends

(cue silence and tumble weed)

Not that exciting really is it? But I’m glad they changed it as it would have been a right pain renaming the other series. Although I don’t think Richard and Rowan thought past the pilot episode.

Blackadder was lined up to be Sixties entrepreneur

He has blundered his way through four different centuries and Edmund Blackadder’s fifth outing could have seen him return as a 1960s entrepreneur, writer Richard Curtis has revealed.

Speaking at a special event to mark the 25th anniversary of the first Blackadder series, Curtis told how he and fellow writer Ben Elton had agreed to set the characters’ next set of misadventures in the swinging Sixties if the series had continued.

Rowan Atkinson’s eponymous antihero slid from being an English prince to a downtrodden captain in the First World War trenches, but the new incarnation as a wealthy businessman might have represented a rebound in the social fortunes of the Blackadder family.

However, Curtis revealed that one of the highlights planned for the series would have been the revelation that President Kennedy had actually been accidentally killed by Blackadder’s sidekick Baldrick.

He said: “He was going to kill Kennedy and it would have been a mistake. We’d decided on the Sixties because it was such a rich period. It was a time of dodgy entrepreneurs with their fingers in loads of pies.”


Blackadder is ratings GOLD

The newly re-branded GOLD scored a hit with its two-hour documentary on Blackadder as The Whole Rotten Saga gained 341,000 (1.98%).

The programme, marking the 25th anniversary of the popular show, peaked with 411,000 (2.14%) at 9.45pm.

Blackadder Exclusive: The Whole Rotten Saga then aired on GOLD+1 and picked up another 104,000 (0.92%).

The show was a big hit for both upmarket and younger viewers. ABC1 viewers made up 60.1% of the audience. Viewers falling into the 16 to 34 age range accounted for 25.9% of the audience.

GOLD’s show managed to rival some of the more established entertainment channels but couldn’t really touch the front runners.

ITV3’s Torn manged 156,000 (0.9%) for an hour at 9pm. E4 was in a stronger position with Ugly Betty gaining 323,000 (1.7%) on the main E4 channel and another 105,000 on E4+1.

Top of the multichannel pile at 9pm was ITV2’s Katie and Peter: the Next Chapter with 867,000 (4.4%). BBC3’s The World’s Strictest Parents commanded 581,000 (3.0%).

Source: Broadcast magazine

Blackadder makes top 5 movie wishes

Thanks to long-time friend of Blackadder Hall John for spotting this news nugget.

Source: (never heard of it)

Blackadder has been voted as one TV show that fans would like to see made into a movie. Those that voted clearly didin’t see (or chose to forget) Blackadder: Back and Forth. I know it wasn’t a proper movie, but it was longer than a regular TV episode and it was originally broadcast in a public viewing space (like a big cinema).

Anyway, here’s the news…

Dr. Who’ is the television programme most fans want to see turned into a movie.

The classic sci-fi series – which currently features David Tennant in the title role – scooped 22 per cent of votes in the survey by Pearl and Dean, beating award-winning US sitcom ‘Friends’ into second place and superhero drama ‘Heroes’ into third, with 20 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

Commenting on the results, Kathryn Jacob, chief executive of Pearl and Dean, said: “Viewers build up strong relationships with their favourite television shows. And when they’ve built up a rapport with these characters, there is often a strong demand to see more of them on the big screen – as evidenced by this year’s outings in the cinema for ‘The X Files’ and the phenomenal success of ‘Sex and the City’, even four years after the series finished on TV. ‘Dr. Who’, and his latest incarnation David Tennant, has such a huge cult following that you can see why it has won this poll.”

Fourth and fifth place in the survey of 3,000 British movie fans went to action series ‘24′ and British sitcom ‘Blackadder’.

Top 10 TV shows fans would like to see as movies:

1. ‘Dr. Who’

2. ‘Friends’

3. ‘Heroes’

4. ‘24′

5. ‘Blackadder’

6. ‘Fawlty Towers’

7. ‘Life on Mars’

8. ‘Only Fools and Horses’

9. ‘Baywatch’

10. ‘Beverly Hills 90210′

(C) BANG Media International

Happy Birthday The Black Adder – 25 today

Yes, it was 25 years a go today that the BBC broadcast the very first episode of The Black Adder; the rest, they say, is history (albeit a rather skewed and distorted one).

Nothing else to say other than “Happy Birthday”

Blackadder makes the top 10 of greatest TV endings

It is nice when Blackadder pops up in those top 10/50/100 lists of greatest television moments, nicest beards, smelliest co-star etc etc.; the latest of which was Sky One’s recent “Top 50 Greatest Television Endings”.

Where did Goodbyeee appear?

Well, an OK, but should have been considerably higher no.9.

Actually it should have been at number 1.

Here’s the top 10

10. Hilda Ogden- The end of her character.
9. Blackadder
8. Charlie Pace from Lost- The end of his character
7.The Office
5.Blind Date
4.The Royle Family
3.Cold Feet
2. Only Fools and Horses
1. Life On Mars

Life on Mars!!!! A load of arse more like!

Blackadder named best TV finale

On the back of Sky One’s recent no. 9 placing of Blackadder Goes Forth in the best TV endings ever list, I’d like to remind everyone that Blackadder is already the best TV finale and so Sky’s doesn’t count :p

Souce: (from 2004)

The poignant finale of sitcom Blackadder has been voted the best farewell episode of a TV series.

The closing episode of Blackadder Goes Forth – which saw the cast go into battle in World War I – won 23% of the vote in the poll for cable firm NTL.

It narrowly beat The Office, which took second place with 22%. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was third with 17%.

Some 4,675 people were questioned to mark the end of long-running US shows Friends, Frasier and Sex and the City.

Sitcoms feature heavily in the poll – with Mash, Cheers and The Young Ones appearing in the top 10.

Comedy dramas Cold Feet and Ally McBeal also feature alongside 1980s family saga Dallas – with Inspector Morse appearing as the only serious drama in the poll.

NTL’s director of TV David Thatcher said the survey proved “TV viewers are more able to bond with comedy characters”.

He also said the UK public should be “very proud about the performance of our home-grown TV programmes”.

“Despite the massive hype surrounding the success of US comedy in the UK, almost 50% of the votes cast went to the top two programmes.”

Here’s the top 10:
1. Blackadder Goes Forth
2. The Office
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Cold Feet
5. Dallas
6. Mash
7. Cheers
8. Inspector Morse
9. The Young Ones
10. Ally McBeal

Blackadder plotting a return? (in short, NO)

The cast of classic sitcom Blackadder will meet later this year and discuss a revival, Teletext reveals.

The get-together will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its BBC debut.

Tony Robinson, bumbling sidekick Baldrick on the show, told Teletext: “We always had a fantasy of doing it again in 2010, so we’ll be having that conversation. I would love to do it and suspect Rowan Atkinson would too.”